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Don Cherry on James Reimer

Coach's Corner: James Reimer has lost confidence in himself

Don Cherry says James Reimer needs to get his confidence back and leaving Toronto may be the best way to do it.

During his Coach’s Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday, Cherry gave his take on the relationship between the Maple Leafs goalie and head coach Randy Carlyle.

Cherry said Carlyle is caught in a “tough” situation by having “two No. 1 goalies” in Reimer and Jonathan Bernier.

Watch the full segment in the video above. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Cherry?


today’s game

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ goaltenders save percentage is now a ghastly 9th in the National Hockey League, and James Reimer’s has fallen below the league average for starters on the year over the last two games.

The losing streak isn’t James Reimer’s fault so much as it’s been that Reimer’s regrettably been the guy in the net as the team continues to fall hard. Toronto has given up the first goal in each game of the losing streak, and have earned 13 shot attempts to the opponents’ 22 before the first goal is scored in those games, so by all means… blame the goalie.


Just a comment on the winning goal from the Montreal game because Jeff barely touched on it in the recap, but I’m reminded a little of Bill James’ comments on defence when looking at that goal. James, when evaluating fielders early in his days as a stat junkie, took issue with the “error” statistic, noting that good fielders get unfairly punished by the traditional error statistic. He argued that a fielder who gets to a lot of balls (ie, a better fielder) will misplay more of them.

On that fourth goal, not absolving Reimer, but there are some goalies in the NHL who would have overcommit on the pass from Andrei Markov and not even been in position to misplay the puck (like Jimmy Howard on this play here). Nobody would have complained had Reimer been on the other side of the crease and conceded on the play. “He had no chance on that” would be the story rather than “Reimer lets a weak one through”. The weak ones suck because it’s so close and yet so far, but don’t harp on Reimer being in position to make a save. It was an unlucky bounce and that happens. It’s hockey, and the Leafs give up so many shots a game that they’re in a position for more bounces to go the wrong way than the right way.

After tonight, Reimer leads the NHL in saves per 60 minutes of play (33.4). Second is Jonathan Bernier is 32.3. The right answer isn’t to blame the goaltending for not being possibly the best goaltending duo of the modern era.ITS REIM TIM